What do you do while you are waiting?

Many people have a parent or spouse who is on a Dementia Care community wait list. Sometimes, the wait for an available space might take weeks, or even months. As people live longer, the demand for this type of care is increasing.

There Are Options

One option that can provide some relief while you wait is enrolling in an Adult Day Program, sometimes called Adult Day Care. These programs benefit not only the people who enroll, but their spouses, children and caregivers.

The CRSS Adult Day Programs can help a couple stay together and delay the cost of advanced care for a longer period. Caregivers can get sufficient respite from a full-day program to work, make appointments or just take a much-needed break. We also offer a caregivers’ support group that meets monthly. Program staff can visit with and entertain your loved one while you attend the meeting.

From the participant’s perspective, Adult Day Programs provide a social life that isn’t easily available at home, as well as stimulation from live music performances, games, singing, field trips and art projects. Medications can be given if the participant requires them and transportation to and from the Program is available within certain geographical boundaries.

If the person in the Adult Day Program is a veteran, there may be financial assistance available. The program is also payable by Missouri Medicaid and often, grants from the Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Associations are available to assist with the cost.

An Adult Day Program can also be a great option for younger adults with disabilities. The socialization and activities offered make for a wonderful way to spend a day.

So, if you are playing the waiting game, don’t be discouraged. The CRSS Adult Day Program may provide the assistance you seek while you wait.

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