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The Top 3 Ways to Stay Healthy This Winter

Question: What do box turtles, ground squirrels, bats, prairie dogs, and bears have in common? 

Answer: They all hibernate during the winter months. 

Hibernation is necessary for survival in the animal kingdom, but it’s a terrible concept for older adults.  Think about it for a minute—long periods of harsh weather conditions, extended sleep, extreme isolation, and food scarcity.  Thank goodness we’re human because this scenario doesn’t sound appealing at all!

 Older adults need to be aware of their environment – just like animals that adapt to frigid temperatures by hibernating – to stay healthy in the wintertime.  We all know total solitude isn’t the answer, so here are three sure-fire ways to stay safe and strong throughout the upcoming freezing season.

Take precautions

Flu and COVID vaccines are a must in preventing hospitalization and more serious consequences.  In addition to these inoculations, maintain COVID safety measures during holiday gatherings and family visits.

Remain connected

Socialization is essential for mental health but can sometimes get tricky in the winter.  A few examples of how to keep in touch with friends and family: send holiday cards, chat with an old friend via telephone, and look for senior-specific activities to stay engaged like a winter walk or a trip to see the holiday lights.

Use your brain

Television is an easy way to be entertained during cold wintry evenings but try to limit extended sedentary watching.  Engage your mind with word and number puzzles, journaling, craft projects, board and card games, and even an adult coloring book.  

Be prepared for winter like our furry hibernating friends.  With these simple-to-achieve tips, it’s as easy as 1-2-3.