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Benefits of Living in a Senior Community

There comes a time in an older adult’s life when they may ask themselves, “What is the next step?” Oftentimes, they may feel isolated and want a sense of community but might be afraid to take that leap. A common misconception that seniors have when it comes to independent senior living is they imagine the layout of a traditional skilled nursing home and that is so far from the truth!

Independent living is for individuals who still want to live self-sufficiently but enjoy having quick access to dining and entertainment experiences and the camaraderie of their peers all in a secure and safe building.

Below are just a few of the many benefits that come with living in a senior community:

Social Life

Being socially engaged in your senior years is extremely beneficial to your health. Seniors that are socially active can live longer, have better immune systems, and have a lower risk of dementia.

In a retirement community, you have the chance to connect with those who share your interests and hobbies. Being in a tight-knit community opens the door for many conversations and activities.

Low Maintenance

It’s time you take a break from mowing the lawn and picking those weeds! An advantage of living in a senior community is no longer having to worry about yard work, raking the leaves, shoveling the driveway from snow, and other home maintenance chores.


Many senior communities offer residents a variety of services such as a salon, fitness classes, education seminars, and other recreational activities all within the comfort of your own building.


There are many cost savings that come with senior living. For example, you no longer paying property taxes, there are no more home repair costs, no more homeowners insurance, some of your utilities like water and trash are included in your rent, and your cable and phone are provided at a nominal fee.

Here at Cardinal Ritter Senior Services, our independent living apartment, Our Lady of Life, offers senior adults an opportunity to remain active and involved while enjoying retirement. This stimulating lifestyle is comfortable, convenient, secure, and affordable. It offers opportunities to meet new friends, pursue new interests, attend daily Mass, and enjoy life to the fullest. To learn more about Our Lady of Life, click here.