A Continuum of Quality Care for Senior Adults

Cardinal Ritter Senior Services (CRSS) provides programs, facilities, and services designed to meet the needs of senior adults across a continuum of care with choices and opportunities. Our objective at CRSS is to continue our long tradition of providing independence, options and the highest quality of service to senior adults.

With our social service programs, independent housing and assisted living facilities, volunteer opportunities and assistance for seniors to remain at home safely, we honor choices and maintain the quality of life for senior adults by “doing the right thing, in the right way, for the right reason, every time.” This is how we live our mission. It is our way of life at Cardinal Ritter Senior Services. Our employees provide compassionate, loving and individual care to each senior adult we serve.

We hope that this website has helpful information for you. If you need additional information, please call the main office at 314-961-8000.


Cardinal Ritter Institute was founded in 1960 to address the needs of a growing senior adult population, especially the poor and frail. In 2004, it became Cardinal Ritter Senior Services (CRSS) to better reflect its role in the community. CRSS is the largest agency of the Catholic Charities Federation and has been recognized locally and nationally for its work on behalf of senior adults.


The main offices of CRSS are located at 7601 Watson Road. Clients can choose from the many facilities operated by CRSS, depending on whether the client desires senior apartment living, assisted living care or skilled nursing care.


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