Construction Update 10 18 2016

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Mary, Queen and Mother is Under Construction!

Mary, Queen and Mother Center is under construction! The plans include a bigger space for rehab services, an additional wing of memory care which will connect to the current Hope Community, giving more space for activities, dining and moving about as well as removing the large nurses’ station no longer needed as we move to electronic health records.

The Hope Community dining room has been completed and the rehabilitation therapy suite is next! Be sure to check out some of the photos in the gallery above for an inside look at the progress.


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Renovation of St. John Neumann Apartments

In 1991, Cardinal Ritter Senior Services added St. John Neumann Apartments to its family of affordable housing apartment buildings. Located in Jennings, MO, The building offered 100 efficiency and one bedroom apartments for seniors with low income.

This year, the building underwent an extensive renovation process. Vital systems like fire safety were upgraded. A generator for power backup was added to provide emergency lighting and ensure that the emergency pull-cord system in the apartments continues working during a loss in power.

The apartments were modernized with more efficient heating and cooling systems and upgraded appliances. The bathrooms in the units were converted from traditional bathtubs, which can present a fall risk for many seniors, to a lower, cut-out tub design and grab bars were added for additional safety.

In addition to these improvements, some of the building’s efficiency apartments were combined and converted into several handicapped accessible one bedroom units to accommodate those potential residents needing wheelchair accessibility.

We are proud to celebrate 25 years of providing seniors with affordable housing at St. John Neumann Apartments.


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Our Lady of Life Renovations

We have just completed renovations on the Our Lady of Life apartments! These renovations will improve the lives of all of the residents within, and will improve the look and feel of these apartments. Included in the renovations is new rooms, lobby, kitchen, dining hall, parking lots and exteriors of all of the buildings.

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