We have updated our rehabilitation therapy suite to include an Occupational Therapy area specifically designed to help get you well and back home as safely and fast as possible. The updated décor in our therapy suite, dining rooms and hearth room make this a beautiful space in which to recover.

Our Hope Community Memory care, the secure area within the larger Mary, Queen and Mother Center, is now expanded to accommodate the growing need for Dementia and Memory Care in our community. We have also added a lovely hearth room and update dining room to this area.

Notice anything missing? We have eliminated the nursing station in our short-term rehab wing. The conversion to electronic medical records has made the need for a central nursing station obsolete. Now you will find nurses and aides charting real-time information using mobile workstations.

Mary Queen and Mother Center has been serving the rehabilitation and long-term care needs of Senior St. Louisans for over 30 years. We are committed to embracing the change and growth needed to continue serving for another 30!